品牌成立於1993年,是由兩位熱愛戶外的台灣人Mr. Li和以色列猶太人Mr. Rosa Amitai,取兩個人名字的開頭,創立品牌名稱 “LIROSA”。公司經由國際貿易的開拓,體認歐美人士對戶外生活品味追求的重視,引入世界頂級產品的專業創新技術,配合高級的材料,生產戶外的精品。LiROSA品牌以高品質睡袋為發展核心,慎選高品質輕薄強靭的布料,填充符合JIS日本規格高膨鬆度的保暖羽絨,經由精細縫工,縫製成立體隔間的高品質羽絨睡袋。 20年來,我們堅持以頂級的材料和精緻的設計,打造出最適合亞洲人的戶外精品。 “LIROSA” 的產品,用心考慮消費者之需求,始終以多元化、人性化的產品設計, 並力追世界潮流,創新開發卓越的機能產品,供應最好品質的戶外精品,以滿足那些熱愛旅遊、打工、禪修、露營、登山、極限運動等族群。 未來, ”LIROSA” 將延續 Life with Great Adventure 的經營理念,繼續開拓最佳世界性的戶外產品。


"LIROSA" was founded in 1993, and is named after two outdoors-lover establishers: Mr. Li from Taiwan and Mr. Rosa Amitai from Israeli. With extended global experiences in the outdoor product market, LiROSA makes top-notch outdoor products with most innovative technology and advanced quality materials. For example, the sleeping bag- as one of the most popular LiROSA products- is made by high-quality lightweight yet durable fabric; filled with superior heat-trapping down that matches JIS (Japanese Standards Association) standard, and is sewn by tight weave stitch with boxlike compartments. Over the past two decades, we adhere to the principle of using the best material and exquisite design to deliver quality outdoor boutique specifically for Asia market. LIROSA values our customers’ feedback and is committed to offering the premium quality product with a variety of options to choose from, detailed & attentive craftsmanship, cutting-edge design and innovative functions that can meet various requirements from those who love to travel, camping, hiking or extreme sports, etc.

In the future, LIROSA will continue insisting on the tenet of “Life with Great Adventure” to serve our customer with outstanding outdoor products of best quality, high performance, excellent design and innovative functions.